Now Hiring: Mad Scientists, Math Magicians,
Time Travelers, and Groundbreaking Artists

Working at Haggle means defining a new generation of products and services that will change the world forever. We are building products that will impact millions and create the next multi billion dollar opportunities. If you’re not a superhero*, but have super powers, you’re invited to join our team.





Senior Developer

You will be part of the core development team that is building the Haggle platform. On a daily basis you will draw on skills and ideas from all areas of computer science, ranging from information retrieval, natural language processing, Big Data handling systems, distributed computing, etc. You will work with a small, but top-notch team that is very experienced in all aspects of computer science and software design.

There will be no bureaucracy, management jargon or mundane work that comes with roles in services companies. Each day (and night) will be high-energy software design and coding. You will learn from your teammates every day and grow in your role at a faster pace than any other company can offer in Bangalore.

You will build software modules following Agile methodology, test them on a regular basis and be part of regular discussions with the management team to understand the requirements of the product.


  • B.E in Computer Science or related field is a minimum. Master’s in Computer Science is preferred.

  • Atleast 2 years industry work experience building web software systems.

  • Solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, and software design.

  • Coding skills – Python/Java, Javascript/AJAX.

  • Experience with non relational data stores, distributed systems, and natural language processing is highly preferred.

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