Get the customers you want.

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With Haggle, you can finally attract specific customers based on the needs of your restaurant. No more wasteful mass marketing, no sitting and waiting for people to walk in - Haggle helps you build long term relationships with the customers you want.

Handpick the right customers for you.

Every restaurant has their favorite kinds of customers. From the most loyal, to locals looking for new places, to social influencers and big spenders, Haggle puts you in front of the most important customers for you.

Easily manage flexible campaigns.

Fill tables off-peak or reward your best patrons when you’re busy. We give you complete control over how many Haggle users come in during different times of the day.

Grow while enhancing your brand.

Feel good about earning new business and rewarding your best customers while maintaining your unique and special brand. Bringing in more of the right customer means growing the way you always wanted.

Quick Setup, No Mess

Set campaigns for your busy and off-peak hours, bringing in the right customers at the right time and making sure they come back time and time again. The best part is that setting up takes about three minutes.

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